The General W. Anders "Wspolnota Anders"

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The Patton Foundation

I am delighted to accept your offer to establish a Polish branch of The Patton Foundation and Trust in your amazing country of Poland.


Through our conversations we have come to agree on the primary matters that the Patton name and task force can address and tackle in the spirit of the great leader, my grandfather General George Smith Patton Jr., my father Maj. Gen. George Smith Patton IV and my whole family line that is now an extended family including you.  Let us work hard this year to determine the needs of Polish Veterans of WW2 and the memorials that need recognition, as well as explore further how Patton’s legacy can continue to forge life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness for all humanity.  It touches me deeply that you dedicate your work with the Patton team on The Patton Way to your own father who was so very instrumental in helping to close the Falaise Gap, a defining operation determining the success of the 3rd Army's liberation sweep to the Ardennes.   

Thanking you in anticipation:  Dziękuję Ci.


Helen Ayer Patton

Narodowe Siły Zbrojne

O Narodowych Siłach Zbrojnych

Z perspektywy półwiecza

Panowanie okupanta komunistycznego w Polsce w latach 1944-1989 wyrządziło niepowetowane straty polityczne, gospodarcze, kulturalne i społeczne. Na skutek jednostronnej propagandy dokonane zostały także przemiany w świadomości społecznej. W znacznym stopniu są one nieodwracalne.

General Kukliński Museum

The General Ryszard Kukliński Museum is unique in displaying the General’s unprecedented contribution to world peace. He is a Polish and American hero and the first Polish NATO officer.

Kukliński sacrificed his life and his family life in order to fight a lonely battle against the Soviet occupier. He helped prevent the whole world from being engulfed in World War III by gaining 81 top-secret plans, concerning the USSR war plans for an attack on Western Europe.

The Museum was founded in 2006 by historian Józef Szaniawski, who was a close friend and proxy of General Kukliński. Not only does it display the Polish contribution to the United States’ victory over the communist regime, but it also promotes the Polish Army tradition and defences in the 21 st century within the confines of NATO.

The Museum wants particularly to educate the younger generations about this important person and time in Poland’s history.

You are very welcome to visit the Museum!

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