Jacob Rekawek

 I was born in Warsaw Poland in 2001. I grew up on the west coast of the United States in Orange County, San Diego and Los Angeles. From 2015-2017 I attended the Army and Navy Academy in Carlsbad, CA where I participated in the US Army JROTC program and the commercial aviation course. After my transfer to public high school (Dana Hill HS) in Dana Point, CA I was nominated first-team all-league defensive end which gave me good leverage for talking to Division 1 National Collegiate Athletic Association schools such as Ohio State University or the University of Nevada Reno. In the end, I graduated high school quicker than my peers by going to continuation high school in Venice CA. Currently, I reside in Poland. During summer I worked a contract job at the US Ambassadors House and I’ve met the General Manager of Hilton Warsaw Hotel and Convention Centre where I work right now at the Convention and Banqueting department as a Guest Service Assistant. Right now I’m an online student at the Arizona State University and I work on Hilton’s Management Course called “Elevate”

My goal in the foundation is to educate the youth about General Patton’s legacy and the current situation in the world. Also by using my resources I will try to expand the foundation's network with different veteran oriented organizations. 

The Execuitive Advisor to the Board

Craig Smith

Craig Smith 25 years in the CEE region founder and publisher of several publications, associations and institutes Extensive experience in organizing business events, conferences, moderating panel discussions on commercial real estate, manufacturing, FDI, energy, general business and political sectors.

  • Advising business owners on their sales operations and business development in Central Europe, Russia and Asia.

  • Strategic marketing, positioning & staffing for companies entering the region

  • Extensive contacts throughout Europe & Russia in the real estate and investment sectors

 Printed Publications include: (commercial real estate), The CEE-Russia Real Estate Guides, (general business) BizPoland Magazine, (energy) Petroleum Club Magazine  

Associations and Institutes founded: Energy Recruitment Institute,  Association of Green Building Professionals (Central and Eastern Europe), Africa Poland Chamber of Commerce

Film Finance – Forrest Equity Management – Film Finance Awards

Website www.europaproperty.com

Publisher - EuropaProperty.com provides comprehensive and up-to-date news, information and analysis on commercial real estate markets and related businesses through printed and electronic publications including weekly e-newsletter and  (monthly news magazine) The Wire and (4 annual editions) The CEE – Russia Real Estate Guides.

EuropaProperty events - well known for the flagship international events such as CEE Retail Awards Gala & Forum (Warsaw, Poland) and the SEE Real Estate Awards Gala & Forum (Bucharest, Romania) as well as other conferences, forums and events in Central and Eastern Europe, Russia and the CIS. CEE Investment AWARDS (Warsaw, Poland), Eastern European Awards Kyiv, Ukraine

Publisher – BizPoland Magazine  www.bizpoland.pl – Monthly  English language news magazines covering the most important business sectors in Poland, current events, politics, tax, legal and other issues facing business people on a daily basis.

The Execuitive Advisor to the Board

Professor Clifford Bates

I am an American, born in Coventry, Rhode Island--the birthplace of Nathaniel Green. I am a political scientist. My focus is on the history of political philosophy and thought, with sub-specializations in comparative politics, International relations, literature and politics, and American Constitutional Thought and Institutional History. After teaching at Central Connecticut State University in the late 90s, I got an offer to teach at an American University in Slovakia and moved there at the very start of 1999. I then came to Poland in September 1999, to teach at Warsaw University's Institute of International Relations and consult for a director of the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy. In 2002, I was hired as a University Professor at the American Studies Center at Warsaw University. ...

Member of the Council

Dr.Randy Mott

Randy Mott, graduated with honours in political science and history from the University of Iowa, earned a Juris Doctor from Georgetown University Law Center. In law school, he won the National Moot Court Competition, being awarded Best Team, Best Brief and Best Advocate. He practised law in Washington DC and New York City before moving to Poland. He is a graduate of the Infantry Officer Basic Course at Fort Benning (Commandant’s List) and was commissioned in the U.S. Army Reserve.  Mr Mott is chairman of Republicans in Poland and a lay representative of the Anglican Church in Poland in the Diocese of Europe.  

Vice President of Poland Division

General Jan Podhorski

 Jan Henryk Podhorski (nazwisko rodowe Diering), ps. Zygzak, Marciniak (ur. 21 czerwca 1921 w Budzyniu) – polskiwojskowy, z wykształcenia leśnik, wiele lat związany ze spółdzielczością pracy oraz rzecznik patentowy. Podczas kampanii wrześniowej walczył jako ochotnik w batalionie Obrony Narodowej, w okresie II wojny światowej był członkiem Związku JaszczurczegoNarodowych Sił Zbrojnych oraz Armii Krajowej. Uczestnik powstania warszawskiego i powojennej konspiracji antykomunistycznej, represjonowany i więziony przez władze stalinowskie. Obecnie jest generał brygady Wojska Polskiego w stanie spoczynku oraz ciągle aktywnym działaczem kombatanckim


Honorowy Czlonek Rady Fundacji

Chris Hess-Wegrzecki h. Lubicz

As a second generation direct descendant of an NSZ & General Maczek soldier (my father  https://nsz.com.pl/index.php/zyciorysy/1147-wgrzecki-lech  ), I am delighted to be have been nominated to establish the Patton Foundation Poland.


Christopher Hess-Wegrzecki v. Lubicz, Polish-Australian and his professional team are strongly clients focused. Christopher has over 30 years’ experience in Business Brokerage including hands-on practical experience in Commercial R/E, Owner Operator of Hotels, Management Rights and F&B Venues. His extensive practical knowledge is backed by his formal educational qualifications in the specialized areas of Commercial R/E Brokerage, M&A and Business Brokerage, Hotel Management, Travel Marketing. Christopher’s experience is primarily geographically centred in Australia, Germany, Switzerland and Austria. He has further broad global business experience in many countries including Japan (16+ years), Indonesia (5), Singapore (3), China (5), GCC (10) and Australia & USA (30+). Also, Christopher conducts business comfortably in English, German and Polish. He has a diploma in R/E & Business Brokerage, M&A Advisory, Hotel Management, Travel Marketing, and is Fully Licensed and qualified in Personal Protection Services including PI and Firearms.Member Business Brokers and M&A Association in the USA, International  M&A Club.


 Dear Chris,
I am delighted to accept your offer to establish a Polish branch of The Patton Foundation and Trust in your amazing country of Poland.
Through our conversations, we have come to agree on the primary matters that the Patton name and task force can address and tackle in the spirit of the great leader, my grandfather General George Smith Patton Jr., my father Maj. Gen. George Smith Patton IV and my whole family line that is now an extended family including you.  Let us work hard this year to determine the needs of Polish Veterans of WW2 and the memorials that need recognition, as well as explore further how Patton’s legacy can continue to forge
, life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness for all humanity.  It touches me deeply that you dedicate your work with the Patton team on The Patton Way to your own father (NAME?) who was so very instrumental in helping to close the Falaise Gap, a defining operation determining the success of the 3rd Army's liberation sweep to the Ardennes.   
Thanking you in anticipation:  Dziękuję Ci.
Helen Ayer Patton

September 27, 2017



December 29, 2017

His Excellency Ambassador Mr. Paul W. Jones

United States Embassy Warsaw

Aleje Ujazdowskie 29/31

00-540 Warsaw Poland


Your Excellency,


I am writing to request your attention and eventual support for an important collaborative

initiative to establish The Patton Foundation in Poland. In relationship to already existing

Patton organisations in The U.S., Germany, and Luxembourg which have predominantly

served to sustain the memory and legacy of my grandfather General George S. Patton, Jr.

and those who honourably served with him, I know that Chairman Mr. Chris Hess-

Wegrzecki v. Lubicz and his international board are thoroughly intent to conscientiously

follow suit. From suffering the first harrowing blows of WW2 to offering Polish illustrious

and bravest of heroes of the allied forces, Poland’s place in history must never cease to be

recognised. Certainly, if my grandfather was alive today he would be honoured that his to

be remembered and honoured as one of America’s finest whose life continues as a vital

contribution to leadership through this foundation that promotes his best attributes as they

forward and exemplify Liberation, Reconciliation for EVERY generation.

Thanking you in anticipation,


Helen Ayer Patton

Founder, The Patton Foundation US

(member of Patton Alliance)


Dear Chris,

It was a delight to finally meet Helen. It was great to see everyone last night - thank you for arranging for us to get together.

Looking forward to working with you all.

Kindest regards,

Anna Maria Anders

Sekretarz Stanu
Pełnomocnik Prezesa Rady Ministrów
ds. Dialogu Międzynarodowego


Secretary of State

Plenipotentiary of the Prime Minister

for International Dialogue

Kancelaria Prezesa Rady Ministrów

The President of the General George Smith Patton Foundation of the USA,Poland Division

Donal Bailey

Donal graduated from The Citadel, the Military College of South Carolina in 1983 and was commissioned an officer and second lieutenant in the US Army, with a specialty in Communications Electronics where he then served four years in West Germany. Following active military service, Donal maintained a professional military affiliation via the US Army Reserves where he continued on part-time bases until completing 20 years at the rank of Major. Donal is an investment manager providing M&A advisory for global clients raising both debt and equity on the capital markets and among his network of Family Offices. As an asset manager, Donal has advised successful Global Asset Equity Funds in Private Equity and Venture Capital since 2003. During his tenure, Donal has grown strategic portfolios of firms based on a comprehensive long-range set of fund strategies for selecting and building uniquely specialized niche firms in Banking, Consumer Finance, Real Estate, Media, Professional Services and Energy. Donal is a graduate of The Citadel, Charleston South Carolina, holds BS and MS degrees with post-graduate studies at Harvard Business School.

Member of the Council

Dr. Philip H Wainwright

Senior International Advisor on European Security and Stability,  Military Technology liaison for Post Conflict 1992 Central Europe,  Co-Chief Negotiator for Middle Eastern Settlements- Geneva, Religious Art Historian- Wien, and Master Innovator of Advanced Supply Chain Safety & Security Systems: Australia – Singapore.Former Navy Reserve JAG Officer who hails from a family with a long line of U.S. Naval Officers. Married to Francoise DuPont-Wainwright, Montreux Switzerland.

Ph.D.Economics & JD International  Law

Vice President of the Patton Foundation,Poland Division in the USA

Michal Andrzej Zielinski

Prawnik, dziennikarz, wieloletni działacz społeczny środowiska weteranów Narodowych Sił Zbrojnych, odznaczony medalem honorowym gen George'a S. Pattona oraz (przez Prezesa ZŻ NSZ śp Zbigniewa Kuciewicza) medalem 70 lecia NSZ. 

Od kilku lat jest członkiem i Szefem Grupy Rekonstrukcji Historycznych NSZ. 

Jest bratankiem śp Jerzego Nachtmana ps. "Kazik Olecki"-egzekutora i żołnierza NSZ (Kompania NSZ "Warszawianka" Zgrupowania "Chrobry" II) i śp,. Marii Krystyny Nachtman ps. "Agata" łączniczki NSZ i NZW. 

Wychowany w duchu tradycji patriotycznych i służby Ojczyźnie.

Member of the Council

Lech Wegrzecki h.Lubicz

W  Holdzie  Zolnierzom  NSZ-AK Srodmiescie-Polnoc/2.8.1944 zdobywcy Poczty Glownej oraz towarzysza broni Generala Jana Podhorskiego/  Zolnierza Brygady Pancernej Generala Maczka 

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